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NOTD | Rimmel Rose Libertine


 After picking this gorgeous shade up yesterday I just couldn't wait to pop it onto my nails. I nabbed this beauty in Boots for £3.69 (Bizarre price I know!). 

I've described it before as a more wearable pink. It's not too stand out-ish and loud on the nails and just adds a subtle delicate and girly feel. The formula is thick and opaque after two coats, though arguably it does take longer to try than the '60 seconds' claim - more like 3 minutes! But what is 3 minutes to wait in the grand scheme of life for such a pretty colour.
The brush is another thing that drew me to it. It's a wide brush meaning you can get most of your nails (bar that thumb!) in just one swipe making even application easy and effortless.
This colour is a must-have for anyone who (like me) previously shied away from pink and the girlishness surrounding it, deeming it too scary and girly. It will look perfect during the Spring/Summer months, but I can see no reason why it won't all year round as its so wearable and easy on the eye!

Have any of you tried this colour before, what are your views on it?
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