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Mini Boots Haul

So on a trip into town I managed to venture into boots for a few essentials. Unfortunately both my concealers and mascara had decided to run out at once, meaning that on Friday morning before Sixth Form I found myself scraping around the inside of the tubes trying to grab just the tiniest amount of product to put on my face. So this was in fact a rare necessary trip into boots where I came out of there with products I actually needed.

I picked up the Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer to replace my previous one which had run out. I grabbed this in the darkest shade No. 3 'Glow'. Previously I was using Shade 2 'Natural', But I have caught the sun recently and wanted a product that I could use all summer long!

 Ever since I made the transition over to using brown eyeliner I haven't looked back, its so much more natural, subtle and flatters my eye colour without looking too harsh on my face. However, there has been one thing I have missed - the winged liner. Don't get me wrong I adore the look of smudgy liner, but there are days when I long to return to the feline flick of yester-year. So I picked up the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner (Sorry no link!) in brown to soothe my longings and bring back the flicky eyes!
 After hearing some great reviews on this one I decided to take the plunge and switch from my ever faithful Day 2 Night Mascara to this one. Both by Rimmel, I had heard some fantastic reviews on the Lash Accelerator Endless and wanted to give it a go myself. I picked this up in the shade Brown.
 Admittedly, perhaps this doesn't belong under the 'essentials' list like the others, but walking past this in the Rimmel Stand and I had to treat myself. I had heard Estée from raving about it in here blog post here. It just looks like the perfect wearable every day pink with the wonderful wide brush, and since I'm not a big lover of the shade, finding one I like the look of is tricky so I'm thrilled to add Rose Libertine this gorgeous pink shade to the collection!

.Last but not least the Wake Me Up Concealer by Rimmel London. Since my trusty pair of Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealers both died on me at the same time (and i heard on the grapevine they were going to be discontinued...), I decided to pick up one of these and see how it goes. I was thoroughly disappointed by the tiny colour range, for anyone any darker skinned than me, these really are a no go. But I picked this up in the darkest shade 'Classic Beige' and am really looking forward to trying it out!

Have any of you been on a Boots spend up recently? 
What have you been buying?


SUN.dra Beauty at: 4 August 2013 at 11:22 said...

hi josie - love your blog :) so how did you find the rimmel wake me up concealer? since I am very pale, the shades should be fine for me. we don't have rimmel where I live (switzerland) but I want to purchase this on my next trip to London in october.:))
love, sandra

Josie at: 5 August 2013 at 03:11 said...

Thank you! I'm really loving it, it blends wonderfully and is very moisturizing.
I take the darkest shade in this (which is surprising since in every other concealer brand I am the palest!) and it suits my skin perfectly. However I have heard of people saying the lighter shades are more orange toned? I'm sure you can swatch them and decide though.. Hope you enjoy your trip to London!

SUN.dra Beauty at: 5 August 2013 at 08:54 said...

oh that sounds interesting! i already have the wake me up foundation, (loooove it!!) there i think i got the palest shade available. (as usual) but of course, i'll just go and have a swatch then ;) can't wait to be in boots and superdrug again ;)

Josie at: 5 August 2013 at 09:42 said...

I've never actually tried the foundation - people have mentioned its sparkly? and that scared me off!
But this certainly does a great job of waking up your under-eyes!
Yes, boots and superdrug are like my second homes!

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