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NOTD | Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Blue bath

 Bold, Vibrant and fun. This polish just screams Summer, and after the 30 degree heat we have been having recently I couldn't resist pulling this out from my collection and slapping it on my nails..
This is a gorgeous pale blue, but there is nothing wishy-washy or pastel about this colour. Bold from the first coat, it applies evenly and well with a lovely short and wide brush (my favourite) in a quality far exceeding the £1.99 price tag that comes with these polishes. Whilst the bottle may be small and only contain 7ml of colour you are guaranteed to not have it dry up before you have finished a bottle.
The product dries amazingly quickly, certainly the fastest drying formula I have ever tried. Though the name of this range does give me visions of huddles of girls at the side of a club painting there nails, and I don't think its quite that fast drying..
A gorgeous colour none the less, the name Blue Bath does seem very fitting and though you can't find the names for these polishes on the bottle if you head over to the Miss Sporty Website you can find the names.

Here I was greeted by another fellow, clearly loving the vibrant blue colour!
Has anyone else tried any of this polish range?
Do you like them too?


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