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Wearing With | H&M Jacquard-weave skirt


 A short post on this absolutely gorgeous skirt I picked up today in H&M. I was looking for ages for something to go with a light blue lace top I bought a while back and this fits the bill perfectly and will be put to the test soon for one of my friends 18th Birthday parties..

The skirt has a gorgeous subtle gold threading running through it, which is perfect for me since i'm not into wearing blingy items! To compliment this I'm obviously going to be slipping on some gold accessories some gold bangles and a studded hair cuff (no link for the exact one but a similar one here), both from H&M too (anyone spot a trend forming?!)
The Nail Varnishes I picked out were Revlon's Cloud, a lovely washed out grey/lilac/periwinkle hue for the fingertips and an old Miss Sporty Nail Varnish in Black Berry, a gorgeous plum shade for my toesies. I would normally try to match but Revlon's Cloud washes out my feet so badly it makes them look rather corpse-like!

What do you guys think, would you wear the skirt? 
What would you accessorize it with?


Emily Knott at: 28 August 2013 at 10:50 said...

Love this skirt! Think I would do the same and wear gold jewellery and opt for a bright orange varnish!


Josie at: 28 August 2013 at 11:20 said...

OOoh nice, I LOVE orange. But sadly don't have any proper orange nail varnishes :( only coral and reds. Maybe I wil have to invest! I'm thinking of wearing an orange lip with this though

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