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So I was tagged by the lovely Ada from to do the My First Time Tag, which as i'm sure you all know by now is not what the title may be suggesting to some of you!
So lets get started...

First Best Friend - 
Now I honestly can't remember who this was, when I was younger I tended to just have friends but not one who stood apart from the others. Though I did spend a lot of time when I was at Nursery with one girl who subsequently pulled the fish-tank down on top of me... a hard life!

First Kiss -
Overly intoxicated at one of my friends birthday party with her cousin. regrets regrets regrets. The less said the better, it was a long time ago!

First Concert -
 I first went to V-Festival a few years ago to see the Arctic Monkeys, among others who were playing, so I sort of skipped Concerts and jumped right into the deep end with Festivals!

First Celebrity Crush -
Robbie Williams when I was about eight years old. Nobody has let me forget this one i'm afraid. I remember we were away on holiday in Italy at the time and the video to Something Beautiful had just been released (which you can watch here, haha!) and I used to sprint from the pool wearing my flip flops just to watch it. My mum still claims to this day that I have the title for fastest running in flip-flops...
Come to think of it, whilst I am no longer a Robbie fan (that was short lived) I do still like the song and do have a few nostalgic listens on my iPod!

First Word - 
Mama apparently. A fairly standard first word for babies really. Not very exciting.

First Pet - 
A little gerbil named Holly when I was around about eight or nine. My brother also got one named Sooty and they lived together. Apparently I used to hold her so tightly her eyes would bulge.. poor little thing. She was very much loved though.
Here is a very high quality picture!

First Job - 
After baby-sitting and horse-sitting it would be the current job I am in which is working as an Admin Assistant at a local Doctors Surgery.

First Phone - 
A stylish baby blue Nokia brick, I think it just about had a colour screen and Snake (which I do miss). Very impressive. Saying that, its not a great deal far off my current one. I'm still dreaming of an iPhone..

First Tweet - yet to come. I still haven't taken the plunge to get twitter i'm afraid!

First Make-Up - 
Aside from the cheapy lip glosses  lip balms and random nail varnishes that you collect over the years, my first proper make-up would have to be a BeautyUK eyeshadow palette (which I still use from time to time..eek) and a L'Oreal Voluminous mascara that my Mum got me one Christmas

I tag anyone who reads this and wants to do this Tag to do it!
If you do decide to do it please leave a comment and I will definitely go and check it out.


Janine Maral at: 29 August 2013 at 11:38 said...

lovely post! enjoyed reading it :)
would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?
let me know :)
- Janine

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