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NOTD | Models Own Blueberry Muffin + Indian Ocean

 I'm not sure whether it was the fact us folks in England didn't really get a Spring this year, or it's just my love of pastel colours that keeps me painting them on my finger nails all summer long..
This is a gorgeous pale pastel blue, so pale its verging on white. But it looks gorgeous on the nails and really compliments your skin making you look that little bit more sun-kissed than you perhaps are!
The formula is good, and it takes only two coats to get an opaque colour, which I find rare for super pastel colours as they often need more than two layers to build up fully. The shade Blueberry Muffin is from the Fruit Pastel Collection and  is one of their scented polishes and this, as well as the gorgeous colour, certainly helped win me over. The cute scratch and sniff on the top of the bottle was such a throw-back from my childhood with that sweet, sickly and very fake blueberry scent which sadly only seems to last around a day on your nails. Whilst I love the colour, and the formula (not a quick-drying one though, I must confess) I am not a fan of the models own brushes. Though this doesn't seem to stop me from adding more to my collection? I find them old fashioned, thin and difficult to work with. I personally think they need to step up a gear and follow suit of the Rimmel wide-angled brushes as they are SO much better for application.
I finished this off with a stroke of Indian Ocean, from the Beetlejuice Collection on both my ring fingers for a little quirky twist, though on camera its almost impossible to notice, perhaps this is a shade that requires a little more build up to get the full and glorious shimmery effects?

L-R  Indian Ocean on top of Blueberry Muffin,  Blueberry Muffin

What do you think, have any of you tried these colours? 


Ada at: 2 August 2013 at 07:56 said...

What a pretty colour! You're such a nail pro, I always need to wait like 2 days before I take nail pictures. I love that you mixed Indian Ocean over-top the ring finger, it's not standout but it catches your attention enough for a second look.

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Josie at: 3 August 2013 at 09:53 said...

Thank you, I used to be horrendous at painting my nails, but with the amount of practice I get - thankfully I have improved a bit!
Yes I quite like the subtle eyecatching quality it has to it

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