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Song Picks | Summer 2013


Some songs that have been played non-stop on my iPod these past few weeks. That fill me with that warm fuzzy, long summer day feeling!

Mozella - Love Is Endless
Happy, upbeat, fun. Makes me just want to dance around.

Lindsey Ray - You Make Me Happy
A cutesy song, perfect for listening to when you are lying in the grass and making daisy chains..

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
This one first came to my attention in the January of 2012, and is just perfect for blaring out in the car. A great song for when your on holiday or travelling and feeling like a wild, hippyish free spirit. One of my favourites.

Lissie - Cuckoo
Another free spirit, hair down and blowing in the breeze, driving in the car kind of song. Have loved this forever and always reminds me of summers gone by. 

Any of you heard of these before? They're bound to put a grin on your face!


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