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How I Style | Motel Catalina Dress

Now here is a dress I have been seeing everywhere, its gorgeous and the shape and style is timeless. So I can see why. But retailing at around £40, i just couldn't persuade myself to part with the money... That was until I headed onto the asos website and spotted it for just £22.50 I just couldn't pass it by...

Perfect for summer, in this bright vibrant red colour it will go wonderfully with a tan (that I am yet to gain..) and fair skin too. I picked this up in an XS, my only issue being however that it is very short. We are talking, barely skimming the end of the cheek short. Now I'm 5'5'', not short, but not tall either. So I can see the length of this is going to be an issue for many people. But that's a problem easily solved by sticking on some cute cycling shorts underneath and voi-la. No problem.
I've paired this with some gold accessories, not too many as the dress really doesn't need much more jazzing up, but my trusty bangles from H&M on one arm and a gold choker-style necklace. Followed by a little white scrunchie in the hair, to show off those shoulders and add a cute girly twist to finish.

 Dress - Motel Rocks via asos (Buy Here)

Lace Shorts - eBay (Buy Here)
Wedges - (I've had forever!)
Gold Bangles - H&M (Buy Here)
Gold Necklace - Vintage
Lipstick - Calvin Klein Orange Too (Buy Here)

excuse un-ironed-ness..
Do any of you have this dress too?


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