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Favourite Rimmel Products!

Rimmel have to easily be my most used and favourite high-street brand.  The products are not ridiculously priced and are often of a good enough quality to rival their high-end rivals. I use 4 of their products religiously and without fail, every single time I do my makeup, and as I brand I really do trust them to pull it out of the bag almost every time...

Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil  (Sable Brown) Ah, the nostalgia. My first ever eyeliner, and even now these years later I have returned to it, just in brown instead of black. The black shade is bold vibrant and very creamy, perfect for an everyday black liner. However I prefer a more subtle brown shade and have this in ‘Sable Brown’ it’s a lovely colour and consistency and can be smudged out nicely to create a really nice and subtle look, and when applied to the water line, it does stick around for longer than most. My only criticisms with these would be that they can smudge easily on the lids. The creamy formula hasn’t got the best sticking power, and you will find that the pencil itself doesn’t last as long as you would think.

Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown) – A very easy to use brow product. Not everyone is a fan of pencils but I find this easy to use, handy and cheap. The useful brush on the end is fab for if you have gone in a bit too heavy handed to brush through with and provided you use this lightly it can be a great option for natural but filled in eyebrows. Since mine are so thin and patchy, this is a lifesaver!

 Apocalips Lip Laquer(Luna) A gorgeous liquid lipstick, a light coral-peachy shade, perfect for summer with a tan. Can be quite tricky to apply I find as too little and it appears very sheer and too much and you will have it slipping around your lips all day.

Lycra Pro Polish (Peppermint & Celebrity Bash) One for the warm weather, one for the cold. The perfect pair. In fact I would go so far to say that Celebrity Bash is my favourite colour ever, so chic, sophistacted and demure it looks wonderful on the nails and gives a really classic yet polished look. These polishes are a wonderful formula; opaque, glossy, chip resistant and I have always loved the wide brush allowing you to do most nails in just one stroke, perfect! Now they have been rebottled into better packaging and Kate Moss has added her line, the shades are looking glorious and having tested out some of the new ones I can certainly say they are as good as they look.

Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick (107) The must have colour for Autumn/Winter. A gorgeous berry red. Wonderful and matte. Long lasting as it claims and cheap as chips. I really cannot fault these lipsticks! Apart from the rubbish names, or lack of names. Such a beautiful shade demands a cute or quirky name.. surely?

Match Perfection Blush (Light) Now this doesn't deserve to be in here, it isn’t one of my personal favourites. Whilst I tried to love it I just don’t. I find the colour bland and the product chalky. However I have heard others say the opposite, so maybe I just got a faulty product. Or I am just bitter about the fact I dropped it about a centimetre and the entire thing crumbled.. Any ideas?

Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder (Translucent) – The perfect powder. I find this less cakey than its Stay Matte brother and the added properties to reduce breakouts are getting a thumbs up from me. It keeps my face shine free for most of the day (I would be lying if I said all day, but in fairness I do have very oily skin.) With only need to reapply once, and when you do reapply it doesn’t make your makeup look cakey or overdone.

I also want to take a space to mention the Glam’eyes Day 2Night Mascara which is my favourite mascara at the moment, I will be doing a separate post for that in the future though so watch this space…

So, that’s that. Sorry about the super long post. But I hope you liked it. Do you have a favourite or go-to makeup brand for when you want a product to be reliable? Are you a Rimmel fan too?


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