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This post is influenced highly by the glorious weather we are having in England at the moment, though dare I say it, perhaps it's a little too hot...
Now I for one am guilty of buying cheap sunglasses in the sale, (more often than not H&M, who can ignore a £2 pair?!) I'm inclined to sit on, drop, stand on and completely ruin many a pair, and it seems like less of a bother if they only set me back a few pounds in the first place. 
However it doesn't stop me lusting after some gorgeous sunnies. In fact, I think you can tell a lot about a person from what they wear over their eyes, it really shows off a part of your style. It was great fun to go through polyvore and just pick out any shades I liked the look of, not even considering the price. Some of them were real shockers - coming it at around £300! and others surprised me too by only setting you back £11, so you really can get some great shades this summer regardless of the price!


Oliver people

Prada Sport retro sunglasses
$345 -

Nina ricci

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses



Do any of these catch your fancy, which ones are your favourites?


zara at: 9 July 2013 at 12:47 said...

I love the Linda Farrow ones, ha ha of course I'd choose the ones that cost £350!
Really like your blog btw :)

Josie at: 9 July 2013 at 14:51 said...

me too, that darned expensive taste. my eyes just gravitate towards the most expensive and luxurious of pieces i'm sure!
Thank you :) x

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